Pro-Quality Sinks and Ovens

Your kitchen makes you look like a pro with your oven, accessories and work surfaces. You may not even think that your kitchen sink and faucet may undermine the professional look of your kitchen.

Stainless steel brings a great professional look into any kitchen and with a quality brand such as Franke or Rohl will creates a magnificent result. The most important part is to start the right way kitchenaid stove and oven repair los angeles.

If you have a budget go for stainless steel content you can purchase. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. The average home sink is 21-gauge stainless and a good quality, Franke sink can be 18-gauge. If you’re really going high end, 16-gauge is wonderfully thick.

Single sinks bring professional look and are for the “pro” chef who enjoys cooking a lot, a single sick might be the best. You can use the single sink to wash a turkey roaster. If you entertain a lot, single sink can help your catering.

Bring the best in your kitchen faucet and go for high end designs. Giant faucets and sprayers in a home kitchen may not be easily taken out and in from holders like smaller faucets that are more user friendly. Pay particular attention to the finish on faucets if you want a clean, professional look that will last a long time.

Even faucet and sink might cost you a bit, remember that those items you use and touch everyday, therefore; you need something that is durable. Don’t be afraid to spend big dollars on a quality faucet. It will pay off.

Remember, investing into your kitchen including your stove, faucet, sink, etc, may be a great idea to get the durability for a long time, but also maintenance is necessary.

Appliances will suffer, if you try to clean them with anything more abrasive than a sponge or stronger than soap and water. Use dishwashing liquid like Dawn to safely clean any surface in the kitchen without harming it.

Stainless steel surfaces are particularly deceptive. They will absorb oil, which is why your fingers will leave prints and smears on stainless steel appliance. Wiping the surface with a lint-free cloth and just a little dishwashing liquid in warm water is the best idea. Cleaning solutions with, such as orange cleaners, bleach will damage stainless steel surface in a few seconds.

With pro style ovens your job of cleaning might be easier as most ovens are self-cleaning. But steps are still necessary to keep your oven clean. For example, if you cover the bottom with foil to catch drips is not a good idea as foil can block the air circulation, which makes the oven much less efficient over time.

Do not use commercial oven cleaners on a self-cleaning cleaning oven as they may damage the finish and could even void your warranty.

Clean your cook-top sooner than later. If you have spills, clean them right away with gas-fired stove. Clean your spills with water or little soap and water, and check those little holes in the burners that allow the gas to come out to make sure they’re not blocked with debris.

Most important fact is making sure that oven is cool before you clean the burners. Before you turn the stove back on, ensure cleaning fluid is fully rinsed and the stovetop is dry.


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