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IAS Graduate Fellowship

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Welcome to the IAS Graduate Fellowship page

The Institute for Accessible Science (IAS) was established at Purdue University through an NIH Director’s Pathfinder Award in 2010 with a mission to promote the inclusion and retention of persons with physical disabilities in biomedical science careers through practical laboratory experiences, assistive technology development, student and educator support services and research.

The IAS Graduate Fellowship is an award to enhance the inclusiveness of the graduate student body through the recruitment of students with disabilities as a result of their unique background, views and experiences. The fellowship will be awarded to a student with a medically documented mobility or visual impairment interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research. This award is intended to provide seed funds for the student as he/she begins their graduate career. The package includes an annual stipend and will also cover the student’s tuition and most associated fees. The chosen candidates must have an admit date of Fall 2012.

Students do not apply directly to the IAS for fellowship consideration, but must apply for admission to The Graduate School at Purdue University and complete the diversity essay. Select graduate programs (those within the biomedical science arena) will forward student nominees, who meet the eligibility criteria, electronically to the Institute for Accessible Science.

Recipients of the IAS Fellowship must be permanent residents of the United States of America and have graduated from an accredited post secondary institution with a Bachelors’ Degree. The student must have an admit date of Fall 2012. Most importantly, the student must have a medically documented mobility or visual impairment limiting one or more major life activities.

Preference will be given to incoming graduate students or those within the first two years of Graduate School. Candidates must be accepted as a full-time graduate student in any Purdue School or College pursuing a Ph.D. in a field related to biomedical science.

Update: The IAS is pleased to announce that our Graduate Fellowship has been filled by Dr. Greg Williams. Greg is a Postdoc who is assisting the IAS in the development of scientific-specific assistive technology for the blind and low-vision population. To learn more about his background and experiences with the IAS team, click here and read his blog!

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