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assistive technology

Enabling You With Assistive Technology

AccessScope allows individuals with low vision or upper limb mobility impairments to control all functions of a research-level light microscope. Through a PC interface, users can perform brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, and morphometry...


Connecting You Through Support

IAShub can help you obtain the knowledge and support you need to become an active member of the growing biomedical science community. Let us connect you to your future. Check out our featured scientists and discover how accessible a career in science can be…


Expanding Possibilities Through Research

We aspire to identify and remove the physical and attitudinal barriers that may hinder your entry into a career in biomedical sciences. Along with the development of assistive technology, our Accessible Biomedical Immersion Laboratory (ABIL) is paving the way for inclusion. Visualize your future….

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